What are the favorite supermarkets of Americans in 2023

YouGov, a company that is dedicated to market research and data analysis, conducted a survey to determine which are the favorite supermarkets of Americans

When we talk about supermarkets and retailers, we may think that Walmart and Target are the favorites of most Americans, but this new report is revealing that this is not the case. This research was done by YouGov reveals that Aldi ranks first.
YouGov is a company dedicated to market research and data analysis, in its latest report they explain that the favorite supermarket of the moment is Aldi, a chain of German origin that has around 2,300 locations throughout the United States. The results show that it was the favorite for people who are classified as Millennials (those who were born between 1982 and 1999).

Aldi came in first place, dethroning stores like Target and Walmart, with a popularity rating of 65%. When YouGov rates popularity, it refers to the “percentage of people who have a positive opinion of a grocery store.”

Second on the list was Trader Joe’s with a 63% popularity rating followed in third place by Kroger with a 61% popularity rating. In fourth place and fifth place are 7-Eleven and Whole Foods, which earned a rating of 60% popularity rating and 57% popularity rating, respectively.
Now, if we’re talking about older people, the results changed a bit: the so-called Generation X and Baby Boomers chose Trader Joe’s and Kroger in the first two places and in third place was Aldi.

If you break down the results by gender, then Aldi is the women’s favorite while Trader Joe’s is the men’s choice.

The general count was as follows:

1.- Aldi
2.- Trader Joe
3.- Kroger
4.- Seven Eleven
5.- Whole Foods
6.- Circle K
7.- Safe Way
8.- Winn-dixie
9.- Albertons
10.- Publix
11.- Amazon Fresh
12.- Piggy Iggly
13.- Sproutus
14.- Save a lot
15.- IGA

If you want to read the full report, you can enter the following link.