The compensation that you could receive for suffering personal injuries in an accident in the United States should cover to a large extent all the medical and rehabilitation expenses that you require, regardless of their duration.
For many other nations, the United States is considered the country of lawsuits, especially since a small accident can generate enormous profits, demonstrating the responsibility and negligence of the defendant. Personal injury lawsuits are very common in the country, so we tell you what are the 6 types of compensation that you could receive in case you are a victim of personal injury in the US.

In general, personal injuries occur almost anywhere, especially in workplaces and on the road from distracted drivers. Whatever the context in which it occurs, it is essential that you know your rights so that you can obtain the compensation you deserve, according to the laws that apply to the characteristics of your case.

In any case, it is advisable to approach a lawyer to advise you in your process and can obtain the largest amount of compensation for you, contemplating these 6 compensations:

1. Medical care
If you have suffered a personal injury, regardless of the subsequent litigation process you may wish to access, it is essential that you receive medical attention. We all know that in the United States the cost of medical care is expensive. However, in a lawsuit, the defendant will have to recover all the costs of medical care and treatment that you require as a result of your injury.

2. Prescription drugs
It is logical that to support your recovery process, your doctor prescribes a series of medications appropriate to your injuries, so that you can recover in the best possible way. These treatment-related expenses must be considered by you and your lawyer when requesting monetary compensation.

3. Transfers of ambulances
If the injuries you received were very serious, yes or yes you should be transferred to a hospital by ambulance. That transport is not free, as much as it saves your life. Also the expenses related to the ambulance transfer service must be fully covered in the compensation you request.

4. Clinical studies
In most cases, in order to determine the severity of the injury, your doctor will ask you to undergo a series of clinical studies to diagnose and issue the best treatment for you. The expenses of these studies must also be included in the compensatory part that you will demand from the defendant in question.

5. Rehabilitation therapies
When the injuries suffered are very serious, it is possible that it affects the movement of a limb, or the proper functioning of any part of the body. For this, it will be necessary to follow a strict regime of rehabilitation therapies, the expenses of which will be covered by the compensation that you will receive. No matter the time and cost that are generated as a result of the rehabilitation, the defendant must cover it in its entirety.

6. Subsequent damages
Whether it is a physical or mental damage, it is possible that the victim experiences pain in any of its meanings, mental, psychiatric or organic problems as a result of the accident. For the full rehabilitation of the victim, it is possible to resort to psychological therapies, treatments and other means of rehabilitation, after the date of the accident. Regardless of how long these processes last, the compensation must cover all the expenses that are required for the complete well-being of the victim.

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