The SNAP Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) allows very few Burger King locations to accept the EBT card to purchase food prepared at their locations

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is recognized in the United States for helping to put food on the table for low-income families. The vast majority of beneficiaries can only buy groceries or food that can be prepared at home. And while most restaurants don’t accept the EBT card, which SNAP recipients have, Burger King is the exception, in certain parts of the United States.

According to information from QuerySprout, Burger King accepts SNAP EBT cards at certain participating restaurants, depending on the location and state.
In order to buy food at a Burger King, or even at other restaurants, you must be eligible for the SNAP Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) in a state that participates in this program.

The SNAP Restaurant Meals Program is part of the benefits of very few states in the country, which has the objective that the elderly, disabled and homeless can use their EBT card in some restaurants. Eligible individuals are typically those who are unable to prepare meals for themselves or who do not have permanent housing to prepare or store food.
The RMP operates in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Rhode Island, and Virginia. Of these nine states, QuerySprout noted that Burger King only accepts EBT cards in Arizona and California.

Only certain counties in these states accept EBT payments at Burger King restaurants. EBT card payments are also only accepted in-store or drive-thru, QuerySprout says. You will not be able to order Burger King online through DoorDash or Uber Eats using your EBT card as payment.
To make a purchase at Burger King through the RMP in Arizona, you must be over 60, disabled or homeless. In California, only people eligible for CalFresh, California’s version of SNAP, can use EBT cards at participating Burger King restaurants.

Before attempting to make any food purchases at a Burger King within those states, confirm with the location that they accept the SNAP EBT card or call your local Burger King restaurant.

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