Are dating apps the only way?

Most people think dating is getting harder, and perhaps we can blame it on the popularization of hookup culture. Most dating platforms offer a space where people can seek casual flings and one-night stands. But where do you turn to if you’re looking for something solid and more meaningful?

If we’re being honest, mainstream dating sites are not meant to cater to the queer community. A significant part of the community has experienced discriminatory experiences, harassment, and increased privacy and safety concerns.

So is there a middle ground where the LGBTQ+ community can connect with other like-minded people? Here are several options you ought to try out.

1.    Queer Online Dating Sites

While there are hundreds of online dating platforms, not all of them can be considered LGBTQ+ friendly. Avoid frustrations by staying clear of them and opt for a queer-oriented app instead.

Some of the best queer dating apps cater to a particular subculture of the LGBTQ+ community. For instance, Jack’d app and Grindr are for the gays, while Her and Scissr are meant for the lesbians and bisexuals. On the other hand, Taimi offers a more inclusive platform that is meant not only for bisexuals but the trans subculture as well. So regardless of how minor you think your subculture is, Taimi has got you covered.

2.    Speed Dating

If dating feels like a time-consuming, draining task, then you ought to try speed dating.

If you’re not familiar with it, speed dating is a formal matchmaking event where you get to meet many potential partners within a short period.

Speed dates have become increasingly popular within the LGBTQ+ community, and event organizers are looping everyone in. All you have to do is find a queer speed dating event near you.

At the event, the organizers will randomly pair the participants and set a timer for the dates. An average date lasts up to 15 minutes max, and the dates are switched once the time is up. This goes on until everyone meets everyone.

At the end of the event, you get to list down everyone you’re interested in and submit them. If they listed you two, the organizers would exchange your contacts so you can set up an actual date.

This is a great alternative to traditional dating since it eliminates the pressures associated with one. You don’t have to spend a whole evening on a boring date, or even exchange contacts if you don’t want to.

To reduce the anxiety and pressure associated with speed dates, you can prepare by listing a number of questions to ask. Moreover, most events are held in bars, so don’t be afraid to grab a bottle and flirt a little with those around you.

3.    Bars and Clubs

The thought of meeting people in real life might fill you with dread, but you can fix that by dressing up and going to that party.

Gay bars are a great way for queer people to meet and interact. So if there is one near you, take advantage and get social.

Dressing up will help to boost your confidence, and looking nice leaves an impression. Look more approachable by smiling, and avoid crossing your arms to appear friendlier.

While you might be tempted to show off your alcohol tolerance, it is wise to slow your drinking once you meet someone you like. You’re more likely to have a good time if you’re aware of what’s happening and if you’ll remember it all in the morning.

4.    Local Events and Meetups

According to most queer dating advice platforms, expanding your social circles works wonders for your personality and love life. Socializing is essential in fighting loneliness and dependability, and it improves your overall well-being.

What are some of the activities happening around your city? Pay attention to the events in your local area, and participate in as many as you can. Examples of common group events include gaming, hiking, clean-ups, brunch, and book clubs. They are a fabulous way to meet like-minded people who share your interests. Other than expanding your social circle, you might meet someone you like.

Other than the app, you can locate events and activities around you via yelp and

5.    LGBTQ+ Events

And, of course, is there a more poetic way to meet people other than an LGBTQ+ event? We hardly think so! With the internet, you can find pride events near or around you. If you’re still a closeted queer, try and locate events outside your town.

Most LGBTQ+ websites have categories where they plan group activities and events. A good example of these websites is the directory of LGBT organization by the equality network. In addition, LGBT Health regularly holds events for art, health, and social groups. Join a group today and interact with other like-minded peers.


Although dating apps might have reduced the dating hassle, we cannot abandon other ways of meeting people. Whether you want to do it in real life or on your computer, we must admit there are plenty of ways we can connect with each other.

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