How To Start Sailing With A Small Budget

Making It Happen: How To Start Sailing With A Small Budget

A lot of people when they need some break, choose to go to another city by bus, airplane, car, or train. And even though all these forms of transportation are great and very convenient, there’s another one that’s a bit neglected, or so it seems.

We’re talking about the boat, and if you’ve never been a sailor, then you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Being a sailor is truly something special and unforgettable. Many sailors dream of seeing every corner of the world on a budget.

And who can blame them, since sailing the world is truly something else. But is it doable? It definitely is. If you want to know how to travel just like Rod Stewart in his song, then check out these useful tips that will help you achieve that!

Great Ways To Sail On A Budget

Become A Sailor And Start Working As A Crewmember

Now, what a majority of people who are into sailing frequently forget is the fact that you can still be a sailor, and travel on a budget without necessarily owning the boat. If you have some solid sailing skills and even better some experience, then you can use these traits to travel the world.

So what are you supposed to do? For starters, you should search for a job in a yacht as a steward, maid, or hostess. This will allow you to practically see every inch of this wonderful planet.

On the other hand, if you truly have some experience when it comes to sailing, then you can always apply for a job that requires working above the deck. Furthermore, your skills will surely be of huge help when transporting crew members and guests from and to the anchored yacht.

Maybe Consider Applying For A Boat Loan?

If you want to get some detailed information about boat loans, then you’ll be able to learn more here because we’ll talk about some basics for now. Namely, these loans are pretty similar to car loans, with a certain loan amount you pay interest on.

Additionally, you can apply for them through credit unions, banks, marine finance companies, and boat dealers. Now, this is a great solution for anyone who needs something urgently, however, before you make any decisions, ask yourself whether this, along with maintenance, insurance, storage, and fuel costs doesn’t impact your budget too much.

What Else Are Your Options?

Yacht Club

Now, this is an amazing idea for anyone who loves meeting new people and at the same time, enjoys sailing. So if this perfectly describes you, then consider joining a local yacht club. Namely, you can join one without having a vessel, plus if you have children, they will gain access to junior sailing programs which means there’s a chance they will potentially fall in love with sailing as well.

And what about you? You will reap the benefits of it by being part of the social club that loves sailing, you’ll be frequently involved with numerous interesting community projects, and attend different parties.

Additionally, in some instances, people are not obligated to join a yacht club in order to have some benefits from it. For example, you can always see if the club has a bulletin board where you can see members creating post notices searching for crew.

Furthermore, racers are the ones who are usually short-handed and need either newbie crewmembers or the ones that have more experience. So contact them, and tell them more about yourself and the skills you have, and you just might start sailing free of charge.

What About Renting A Boat?

Based on your personal preferences, and budget as well, nowadays, you can easily rent practically any boat, starting from speed boats, kayaks, pontoon boats, and even fishing boats and catamarans.

Now, in order to use some of these boats, you may need to obtain a certificate, however, if that’s not currently possible, you can always choose a skippered trip. A lot of people who do not have a lot of money to purchase a huge boat, or do not have enough free time on their hands to maintain it, consider having a boating charter every year.

This enables them to test out numerous watercraft and at the same time, pay a visit to different interesting places, which can be extremely entertaining.

Renting A Boat

Many people give up on sailing because they think it’s something that is going to break their bank, but as you can see, there are so many spectacular options that can allow you to fully enjoy it.