We show you the steps you must follow based on the action-reward to teach your dog to give the paw

Teaching a dog to paw is not a difficult task, but it does require some patience and dedication. Getting your dog to do tricks and obey commands is very beneficial for your furry friend , as it is a mental exercise that boosts his intelligence and keeps him busy . Also, teaching dogs tricks is a very positive way to strengthen the emotional bond with their owners. Giving the paw is one of the simplest tricks for dogs , so it is a good option to get started in dog training.

Educating your dog  from puppyhood so that it learns the  basic rules  and has good behavior as an adult is essential. But in addition to teaching him basic commands you can try to teach him something simple like “give the paw”. These exercises are a fun way to teach the dog to be obedient and for the dog to learn to associate movements and signals.

Teaching these tricks for dogs is, and should be, a  positive experience  for your furry friend. Therefore, it is essential that you practice the tricks step by step and be patient with your furry best friend Since, sometimes it takes a little time for the dog to understand what you want from him . But how do you get your dog to give you the paw? We show you the steps you must follow based on the  action-reward  and repeat until the dog learns the game and the association.

Dog Trick Training Duration

You should bear in mind that each session should last between five and ten minutes. If you exceed this time, the dog may become overwhelmed, which would complicate the teaching process. In addition, it is recommended that you do between three and two sessions each day.

How to teach my dog ​​to give the paw?

  1. Rewards are your best allies to teach your dog tricks. Use a small prize for dogs, with this you will get him to keep his attention on you and on the point you want: the hand. Also, your dog will know that if he is obedient he will get his reward.
  2. Wait for him to calm down. It may be that your dog becomes anxious when he sees that you are going to give him a prize, he may bark or turn around. When your pet is in this state of nervousness, starting the learning process would be counterproductive. You must reward tranquility and calm. To do this, close the prize with the fist of your hand and wait, until it is still and sitting, do not continue with the game.
  3. You start the movement . You must show your dog what you want him to do, so he raises one of his legs with the palm of your hand and pronounces loud and clear the order “give me the paw” or simply “paw”.
  4. Repeat, repeat and repeat . You have to carry out the process until your dog gives you the paw by itself when you say the command. At that point, you have to give him his award, congratulate him, and start over.

Another option is to hide the reward in your hand and put it near him. Your dog will try to access the treat and it is very likely that he will use his paws to do so. If he puts his paw on the hand with the treat in it, you give him the treat while clearly pronouncing the command “give me the paw.” After a while your pet will have internalized this exercise and will give you the right and left paw as soon as you put the palm of your hand on it.

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