How to remove wrinkles from sneakers?

How to Remove Wrinkles From Sneakers?

The homemade trick to remove wrinkles from leather sneakers caused a stir on TikTok.

Sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoes out there. Currently its use is massive due to the variety of models on the market.

However, using them frequently can cause wear not only on the sole of these shoes, but also on the upper part, creating wrinkles on the surface.

But all this has a solution andlater we will show you how to leave that detail behind.


If you had doubts about the solution to this problem, the tiktoker Miguel Solorio, whose user in the aforementioned social network is @theshowlorios, shows that it is possibleremove wrinklesof the shoes and to do so you must follow three steps that we will show below.

– First step: Take a towel or a dry absorbent cloth and insert it inside the shoe with a lot of pressure. There should be no space left. Everything must be compact.

– Second step: Take another towel, wet it with water, squeeze it and place it on the shoe (wrinkled area). Take the iron, heat it up and apply pressure as if you were ironing.

– Third step: After pressing the iron, remove the wet towel and you will see the change. Continue by removing the dry towel that filled the shoe and voila! Your footwear will be like new.

The 31-second clip has 12.6 million views, more than 1.6 million likes, and 3,383 comments. The usersthey did not hesitate to react and share their experience about the trick shown.

Among the comments were the following.

“Aaah that’s good, you can also with the dryer” .

“It works, but don’t put a jargon or colored rag over it. Mine were painted. I recommend using white rags.”

Likewise, another user gave a useful recommendation for the effectiveness of this trick.

“It is advisable to leave the padding towel inside for 1 day. During all that time he will rest in tennis. Remember that the skin of the shoe and more if it is leather type when it is at high temperatures or next to the heat it stretches. After you have ironed, leave the towel that filled the shoe until the next day”, reads one of the comments.

Others stated how effective the trick is, but that with use the cracks reappear.

“Yes, it works, but tell us how it will be later because I did it and with the first walk or wearing it wrinkled again, not so much, but yes. If you want to keep your shoes wrinkle-free, wear them carefully,” another user said.

“The second I do all that I put on my shoe , I go for a walk and oh! Back the wrinkles ,” another person added.


1. Remove excess dirt: To do this, you have to use a soft brush (for example, one that is already used, such as a worn toothbrush).

2. Mix water and soap: use one that is for hand or body washing, not the one for clothes, since it has very strong chemicals. Work up a lather and take a damp cloth or fine rag and gently rub into the stains.

3. Rinse the rag in warm water, then gently rub off the suds.

4. Dry the shoes: Place them on a towel or newspaper. We are going to fill the interior with a paper towel.

Remember that drying should take place in the shade, since if they are exposed to the sun, the shoes can turn yellow.