Commercial Video Surveillance System

How A Commercial Video Surveillance System Could Benefit Your Business In Unexpected Ways

Video surveillance systems have boomed in popularity over the last few years. The advances of modern technology mean video surveillance systems are more reliable than ever before, offering quality images and comprehensive cover.

The benefits of a surveillance system are many, and some may surprise you. This article will discuss the many various ways a video system could benefit your business.

Watch Your Premises In Real-Time

Give yourself the peace of mind that all is well in your business with a surveillance system. Use a system that allows access from your smartphone to check on things out of hours.

Record Evidence And Prevent Crime

Video surveillance systems are a significant deterrent to criminals. Ensure they are placed outside and indoors and are protected from sabotage or damage.

If a crime occurs, the surveillance system will offer immediate evidence to turn over to the police or your insurance company. Providing evidence quickly improves the chances of criminals being caught.

Boost Workplace Productivity

Many people work productively with little oversight, but others require monitoring to work effectively. Having cameras around the workspace ensures everyone will be as productive as possible, even if no one is manning the cameras at all times.

Resolve Workplace Disputes

Conflict is a natural part of life, and having cameras in the workplace can ensure you will get to the bottom of an incident quickly. If a fight or incident occurs, review recorded materials after speaking to the affected parties to come to the most accurate conclusion.

Choose The Right Cameras For The Best Benefits

Decide which uses you need cameras for and choose the right set-up to fit. Research local businesses that can set up a bespoke system for your business. To know what to look for, Taylored Systems is a company providing systems for video surveillance in Indianapolis and offer an incredible service to suit any business’s specific needs.

Raise The Alarm In Case Of Adverse Weather

Surveillance systems allow you to check on your business in the event of bad weather in the area. Early action prevents more significant damage from occurring.

Improve Safety In The Workplace

Cameras offer a birds-eye view of working space, allowing you to identify potential hazards more easily. It can also help identify poor safety practices and provide additional training.

Monitor For Pests

Pests can be a significant concern in warehouses and some office buildings. They are a health hazard and pose a risk to inventory and equipment. Use cameras to observe your premises at night to identify common pest issues like mice or rats. Monitor premises regularly to identify infestations before they become serious.

Reduce The Chances Of Frivolous Lawsuits

Cameras will deter people from falsely or frivolously claiming they experienced a fall or accident on your property and holding you accountable. As a result, this can also reduce the cost of your business insurance.


Video surveillance systems have a huge range of benefits for businesses. It is crucial to think carefully about implementing a system and ensure it is suited to your needs. Talk to a professional provider to ensure you get the right system for your business premises.