Little more than a dozen guests were able to accompany the Queen Margaret, including her children, the crown prince Frederick and his wife, the Crown Princess Mary, besides Princes Joachim and Marie, who live in Paris and their respective families.

The youngest of the house could not miss: the Príncipe Christian, 16, second in line to the throne, and his siblings, the Princess Isabella, 14, and the twins, Vicente and Josefina, 10 years old, in addition to his cousins, the princes Nikolai, of 22, Felix, 19, Henrik, of 12, and Athena, from 9.

A celebration of this size merited that the family use the crockery Flora Danica, the most expensive in Denmark, last used on the 80th birthday of the reina Ingrid, in 1990.

This was created at the end of the 18th century in the Royal Porcelain Factory in Copenhagen and painted by hand, using as reference plants from the Danish kingdom, as represented in the book Flora Danica from 1761.

It is said, as revealed by the royal house, that the crockery was intended to be a gift from the king Christian VII to the empress Catherine II of Russia, but he died in 1796 before being finished, so the monarch decided to keep it.

Reduced party

Although the festivities for his golden jubilee, which include a public ovation from the balcony of the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, a carriage ride through the capital, a banquet and a gala at the Royal Theater, have had to be postponed until September due to the current health situation, the queen did attend several commitments: a reception in Parliament and a meeting with members of the government.

She was accompanied by Federico and Mary, crown princes.

She was accompanied by Federico and Mary, crown princes.

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