• Some of the most prestigious universities in the country offer completely free programming courses, here we tell you 4 of them

Being able to study remotely at renowned universities can be an excellent option for those who want to get a job in the technology sector and do not have the option of studying in person.

That is why some study houses such as the University of Michigan, RICE, MIT and Stanford have made a series of online programming courses available to the public that once completed offer a certificate of completion.

These courses, in addition to being an excellent study option, also offer the added benefit of being supported by institutions with an excellent reputation, something that when trying to apply for a job can be the difference between getting the job or not being taken into consideration. .

Here are the programming courses available:

1. University of Michigan

It offers a course completely in Spanish for those who wish to learn about Python, one of the most widely used programming languages ​​by experts around the world. It should be noted that this is a completely free course, which is taught through the edX platform and does not require meeting any type of prerequisites.

This training is designed for those people who, although they have knowledge about the use of the computer, do not have programming skills.


RICE University is another one that also has its own Python course, in this case called “Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python”. The course is made up of two stages, which can be taken at the pace that the student wishes, which makes it easier for them to learn at their own pace and review the lessons. Upon completion, students should have the knowledge to begin creating simple interactive applications.


MIT has an “Introduction to Deep Learning” course, which is completely free. Unlike the rest of the courses, this one does require the person to have previous knowledge in areas such as calculus and linear algebra, since it is significantly more complex.

In order to access the course it is not necessary to register, since all the material including the texts and videos are openly available through the MIT website.


For its part, Stanford offers a “Machine Learning” course that addresses topics such as data mining and statistical pattern recognition, all from an introductory point of view for people unfamiliar with these topics.

It is necessary to point out that in the case of this course, all the material is available in English.

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