Five trends that will change the marketing landscape

Five trends that will change the marketing landscape

Every year there is a considerable increase in Startups, companies or entrepreneurial projects that make it more difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition . For this reason, it is recommended that you keep up to date with the digital strategies that are appearing in order to distinguish yourself from the rest.

Beyond traditional techniques such as SEO, PPC or Social Network management , new social platforms, virtual environments and techniques are emerging that, whether you are a marketing specialist or have a small business , you should keep in mind.

2021 turned out to be a year of changes in the marketing landscape  with the change in the Google algorithm that made SEO even more challenging or the consolidation of new channels such as TikTok, which has managed to position itself as one of the most powerful RRSS in Marketing.

For all this, we have taken a look at what some of the trends will be that, yes or yes, will mark this new year and that from now on you should take into account in your business strategies:

1: Chatsbots or voice assistants

It is increasingly common to find digital assistants such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa in people’s homes or businesses, also because with their improvements they have become more efficient.

The industry forecasts that in 2022 the market value of voice purchases will reach 40 billion and that the spending that consumers will make through their voice assistants will reach 18%.

In addition, companies , in their attempt to automate certain tasks , have also started to use chatbots for their clients’ queries on digital platforms , in such a way that they respond to clients’ doubts without human participation on the part of the company. business.

The chatbot’s dialogues work with AI to try to humanize them, which often manages to amuse the customer as well .

For all these reasons, it is expected that by 2022 most companies that have already taken the step towards digitization will incorporate these chatbots to automate and increase interaction with their customers through the web.

2- Marketing focused on mobile devices

More and more people prefer to use their phones before their computers, therefore, the creation of content compatible with mobile devices is now a must.

It is more than recommended for those who have a web page and have not done so yet, to optimize the design of the web page so that it adapts to smaller screens.

Mobile marketing will be one of the most important and necessary trends from now on, so it is essential that you start optimizing your website right now.

3- Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools are becoming more common, so that specialists can focus on more important tasks than those that rely solely on repetition.

Some of these tasks may be saving time searching or collecting data.

For this reason, we recommend that, if you want to carry out more efficient tasks , be aware of these updates that will allow you to save time and dedicate it to studying the new strategies that are coming.

4- Multi-channel marketing

The variety of interaction channels is very important in communicating with your customers , more and more people prefer this way of communicating to phone calls, which often turn out to be annoying.

The creation of a blog, Social Networks or activation of WhatsApp are some of the ways in which you can communicate with your clients, in addition, we recommend that you use not one but several channels for it.

If you want to optimize your business , building a customer base through these channels and responding quickly are key.

5- AI in Marketing

All sectors are incorporating AI and marketing could not be less, through Artificial Intelligence you can, as we have said before, automate repetitive tasks or even get the recommendation of keywords that optimize the ranking of the website. organic search for a company.

Without a doubt, AI is changing the landscape of any of the sectors and any company should consider the use of this technology.