• In a world of work where the crisis due to lack of employees is increasingly evident, some companies offer, among their benefits, unlimited vacation days to attract more workers

Who would not like to work in a company where there is no problem that you take the days you need on vacation? It may be unreal, but believe it or not, it exists, and some companies in the United States grant this benefit. In Globe Live Media we are going to tell you about five of them.

According to a survey of paid leave carried out by XpertHR in 2021, only 4% of the 639 companies surveyed offer this benefit in the United States and, according to a survey carried out by US News, 15% of these companies are those that are dedicated to technology.

According to experts, one of the advantages of granting this type of benefit is for companies, since when there is a job separation, they do not have to pay for vacation days that employees did not take.

The companies are the following:


Netflix is ​​one of the most important streaming companies in the world. Their popularity has skyrocketed, and an important part of their culture is for their employees to take as much time off as they need without being irresponsible about it.

The company is open because it also demands a lot from its employees, for example, they have established night and weekend shifts. That is, they are never without staff.

“We’re all working online some weekends, responding to emails at odd hours, taking an afternoon off for personal time. We do not track hours worked per day or week. Why are we tracking vacation days by year?” Reed Hastings, its chief executive, said at one point.

2.- Oracle

It is an internationally recognized software company. Among its most striking benefits is the fact that it offers unlimited free time to its employees who have a full-time vacancy. And if for any reason, the employee is not eligible for this benefit, he will be entitled to up to 13 days of vacation per year, during the first three years, and from the fourth, 18 days. It’s not bad either.

3.- LinkedIn

In addition to receiving unlimited time off, LinkedIn employees are entitled to 17 paid holidays throughout the year. It is one of the most internationally recognized companies and has positions in various countries.

4.- Zoom

Another company that has stood out in the world of technology is Zoom, which had significant growth during the Covid-19 pandemic. The company has an unlimited vacation policy, in the same way they have paid sick days and paid days in which they can do volunteer work.

5.- Hubspot

It offers technology applied to marketing. It has an online platform that helps improve sales and digital marketing. Unlimited vacations are offered and all employees are required to take at least one week of vacation per year. During the month of July, they also give all employees a paid week off.

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