No cool drawing on a gun can replace a beautiful knife. A cold weapon in a shooter game is a special accessory that decorates the player and makes the game much more attractive. It’s great that some knife skins in CS:GO have several possible variants, the rarest of which are very difficult to get.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players can find a huge variety of attractive knives. They each have their own shape, animations, and even coloring. Few players are aware of the fact that each knife has certain drawings. For example, some knives do not have a nocturnal or water patterns, but others do. It is these gaps in knowledge that need to be filled with this article.

CS:GO Karambit Knife

CS:GO Karambit Knife

Karambit is a knife with a curved blade that mimics a tiger’s fang, specifically designed for the Southeast Asian martial art silat. The knife is usually held backward by slipping the index finger into the ring on the handle. The appearance of the items in the individual lot lists may differ slightly from the above. For example, items may have different names, descriptions, or colors.

After purchasing the Karambit | Fade it:

  • Cannot be exchanged for a week
  • Can be sold immediately on the marketplace

As with other skins, the rarest knives are those with the bluest color. Blades that can be completely blue because of their small size are considered the most beautiful.

Doppler Sapphire and Ruby

The next 4 knives have the same skin, “Waves”. They usually fall to players with a fuzzy pattern that shows several colors at once. Monochrome versions of knives, such as this one, are most appreciated. This skin is called “Sapphire” because of its purple color. Some players may fall for an all-red skin, which in this case is called “Ruby.” This knife looks very cool with gloves of the same color.

“Gamma Doppler – Emerald

A few years after the release of “Waves,” Valve released the “Gamma Doppler” skin, which you can get in the emerald version. It would be cool to play Aztec and the new Cache with this green knife.

“Gradient” – full gradient

One of the most famous skins in CS: GO looks coolest when it shows a full gradient of colors. While the regular version of the pattern, for example, the M9 Bayonet Knife, costs $600, this particular knife is bought at several times the price.

The karambit knife, for the most part, is something unique to users. It has some strange but very attractive shapes. Also, this knife has almost the most expensive price tag in the game. However, despite this disadvantage, the karambit is loved by literally all players without exception. As another advantage of the karambit, you can take the drawings. 

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