A beloved slice-of-life romance that captivated audiences in 2023 is set to make its return in the future.

Insomniacs After School has been one of the romance slice-of-life anime series I was eagerly anticipating this year, and I must say that the wait has been truly worthwhile. While it may not stand out for its production values, the adaptation succeeds in portraying a teenage love story that distinguishes itself from more conventional narratives. In fact, it has been so well-received that rumors suggest a second season has already been greenlit.

Insights from MangaMogura Leak

MangaMogura has reported on the rumor, and while it should be taken with a grain of salt, it does seem to confirm that, according to a Weibo insider (and 99% of accurate leaks originate from such sources), Insomniacs After School will indeed receive a second season. However, no further details have been provided at this time, including the release date or duration of the upcoming season. Patience will be required as we await official announcements.

Mapping the Adaptation Progress

A closer look reveals that the first season of Insomniacs After School will likely conclude with the adaptation of approximately chapters 50/60 of the original manga. Notably, the manga currently boasts 116 chapters, putting Makoto Ojiro’s work in a prime position to continue its journey in the anime industry. Furthermore, as Insomniacs After School is published in the weekly Big Comic Spirits magazine, it is highly likely that there will be an abundance of illustrated material available by the time the anime sequel is released.

Anticipating the Future

The official announcement of the second season of Insomniacs After School remains uncertain (though keeping an eye on the Anime Expo from July 1 to 4 may yield some updates), as does the premiere date. There are two possibilities to consider: A) a relatively quick release to further enhance its popularity, even if it means a longer wait for a potential third season, or B) a pause in order to better plan the content distribution for future episodes. Regardless, as always, we must exercise patience and await further developments.


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