Miami police arrested a young Cuban woman named Natalia Bárbara Iglesias for stealing more than a million dollars from her own grandparents over a period of two years.

America Tevé reported that the 25-year-old, through a bankrupt company belonging to her grandparents, made bank movements of 787 thousand dollars and also used an amount of 6,603 dollars through the credit cards of her relatives.

Barbara Iglesias, who also stole jewelry valued at $ 250,000, is charged with creating fraudulent accounts at a Texas bank.

For all that was committed, the young Cuban woman will face charges of organized crime, credit card theft, financial abuse and theft in a greater amount. The judge in charge of this case decided to issue him a bond of $ 70,000.

The US media reported that Bárbara Iglesias took advantage of her grandparents’ trust to make them believe that she would save the company through check cashing.

“Even if you have a relative who is helping them run their business, it is always important to be aware of everything that is happening, of all transactions, ask the bank for account statements,” said Ángel Rodríguez, Police spokesman from Miami-Dade.

The officer also said that it is upsetting to learn that you are a victim of organized crime executed by a family member.

A couple of days ago, different media reported the case of a woman identified as Haydée Toledo who scammed an uncle of hers who is 93 years old and resides in Hialeah.

Toledo stole more than half a million dollars from her uncle and changed her last names to appear to be the daughter of his victim.

The woman escaped to Malaga, Spain, leaving behind her 19-year-old son, who was an accessory to the robbery and is now in custody for millionaire fraud.

The young man participated in the robbery after his mother convinced him by promising him a Mercedes Benz E220 car and $ 5,000.

Hialeah authorities said the woman sold her uncle’s house for $ 100,000 after placing him in the Hialeah Shores Rehabilitation Center and then transferring him to the Sunshine Senior Center.

Toledo, who said that his uncle suffered from mental health problems, also stole $ 40,000 that the old man had kept in the sold house and another 20 deposited in a savings account.

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