Woman murders her husband after he threw hot atole at her son

Woman murders her Husband after he threw hot Atole at her Son

Maria del Carmen Chay, a 20-year-old woman, was detained by Guatemalan authorities after she murdered her husband after he threw hot atole at their son.

The events occurred on October 12 in the city of Huehuetenango, when the defendant was selling corn. Later, seeing that her son was suffering and crying from the burns caused by the drink that her father threw at him, the woman reacted in the worst way.

However, because she reacted in self-defense, Judge Carlos Toledo allowed her to regain his freedom and the case was closed.

The Artisan collective who supported Chay Ajiataz in her process, indicated that the woman denounced her husband for assault 15 days before the events that took her to prison.

We recognize the objective work of the Public Ministry and applaud the effective and efficient work of the Institute of Public Criminal Defense who have litigated with a gender perspective,” declared the group.

“Artesana will continue accompanying this case and those of the others. Women who have gone through similar experiences as a result of violence against women,” it added.

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