Juarez City- A woman died in the first minutes of this day in the Social Security hospital 66, as a result of a cranial trauma, when she was thrown from a vehicle that was collided on Saturday night on De las Torres avenue and Santiago Troncoso.

Ruth Carolina LP, who was traveling in a red Saturn Ion model 2003, was taken from the emergency room at 11:30 p.m. to the hospital, since minutes before the driver of a black Chrysler Town Country model 2010, collided them in the aforementioned cruise and caused considerable material damage, reported an agent of the Investigative Police.

As a result of the crash, the woman was thrown out the car window and hit her head on the pavement, which caused a sharp wound and profuse bleeding.

The affected woman died minutes later, while being treated by IMSS doctors, who notified the State Prosecutor’s Office in the North Zone, said the investigative police officer.

The person responsible for the accident, Leonardo MF, 54, is being held in custody at the AEI, for the crimes of reckless homicide and damage.

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