In a recent interview, film director Tim Burton commented that he is no longer interested in collaborating with the Disney company; he was also very clear in saying that he would not make a movie from the Marvel universe or an independent film.

The American director Tim Burton has collaborated throughout his career with major film studios, but now he announced that continuing to work with the Disney company is no longer among his plans.

In an interview he gave to EW Burton, 64, he was very clear in saying that after the movie “Dumbo” -from 2019- his days with Disney are over: “My story is that I started there. I was hired and fired several times throughout my career there. The thing about “Dumbo” is that I think my Disney days are over: I realized that I was Dumbo, that I was working in this big horrible circus, and I needed to escape. That movie is pretty autobiographical on a certain level.”

For Tim, making an independent film isn’t an option either, as he’s only worked with big studios, “so I never really understood what an independent film was.” The director criticized that Disney has focused on Pixar and Star Wars projects, so “there is less room for different types of things.” He is not interested in making a Marvel movie, and very convinced he said: “I can only deal with one universe, not a multi-universe.”

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