Gulf Cartel-linked ‘La Kena’ may be behind kidnapping Americans in Mexico (Picture: Special)

A man identified as a suspect leader of a Gulf Cartel cell is studied by removal of four US citizens in Matamoros, Tamaulipas. It is Jose Alberto Garcia Vilano, also known by the pseudonyms The Kena oh cyclone 19.

The Kena is being investigated by state and federal authorities to determine whether or not related to the kidnapping foreigners, as security cabinet sources revealed to the media Millennium.

Alberto García Vilano is identified as an alleged regional boss of the Gulf Cartel. He is one of the most wanted people by the authorities and a man who stands out for his level of violence that you use in contra of its rivals.

José Alberto García Vilano is also known as "The Kena" oh "storm 19" (Photo: FGJ Tamaulipas)
José Alberto García Vilano is also known as “La Kena” or “Cyclone 19” (Photo: FGJ Tamaulipas)

On April 11, 2022, the pursuit General of Justice (FGJ) of Tamaulipas released a dossier announcing a reward of 2 and a half million pesos. to whom they provide information on their whereabouts and detention. According to the website Breit Bart, The Kena managed to go unnoticed in part by hiding his identity through Other name: Gilberto de la Rosa.

According to information from the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) obtained following the hack suffered by the military institution by the collective macawthere sister de García Vilano is identified as a woman who operates with resources of illicit origin through fondas and catering outlets in Matamoros.

This woman’s name is Helped Landgreen Villaina.k.a The skinny. Similarly, and according to military reports, The skinny would have warned against arrival members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) to the town of Soto la Marina, in Tamaulipas.

The sister of "The Kena" warned of the arrival of CJNG members in Tamaulipas, according to documents from "Guacamaya Leaks"(Picture: file)
The sister of “La Kena” reportedly warned of the arrival of CJNG members in Tamaulipas, according to documents from “Guacamaya Leaks” (Photo: File)

In response to the kidnapping of four American citizens (two of whom died) in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, the ambassador from the United States to Mexico, Ken Salazarexpressed on his social networks in the afternoon of March 7, his concern about the presence of Gulf Cartel in the zone.

“As we noted in our travel alerts, Tamaulipas represents And risk due to high levels of crime and violence. We are particularly concerned about control who exercises the gulf cartel in the area known as the small border”, were the words of Salazar after the governor of the Mexican entity, Américo Villarreal, confirmed the discovery American citizens through a call he established with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

Recall that, on February 26, a video circulated on social networks in which alleged members of the Scorpio Groupidentified as an armed wing of the Gulf Cartel, they submitted to presume dealers drugs, to whom they nailed.

Six people were questioned by armed subjects because of their alleged relationship in selling crystal. Credit: Twitter@Tamaulipasrtc1

The video lasts about two minutes, it was possible to see that the victims, in addition to being on their knees, had their hands tied on their backs and answered the questions of their captors

The six people shown in the audiovisual (four men and two women) would be related to the sale and purchase of drugsespecially the one known ascrystals“, according to his declarations. Likewise, they were all between 37 and 58 years old and said they were from Tamaulipas, mainly from the city of Matamoros, where the Escorpión group operates.

“The Scorpion Group do not allow the sale of crystal or fentanyl here at the border. Are they sorry? For all these sellers and consumers of crystal and fentanyl, there is no forgiveness. Sincerely, the Gulf Cartel,” said one of the gunmen. It was not reported what happened to those captured after the footage was recorded, but it is believed that they would have been executed.

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