His owners decided to put a camera on him after realizing he was spending a lot of time away from home. (Instagram@Gonzoisacat)

The life of cats are a constant crawl places and objects that surround them, their nature makes them “professional inspectors”, so it is common to find them in the least unexpected places, either inside the house or in a surrounding perimeter. Gonzo a tabby cat with gray fur with black lines, it is the animal that teaches with a camera attached to its chest, what is the daily life of a domestic feline.

Derek, the kitten’s owner, shares the clips his pet records via his accounts almost daily. ICT Tac e instagram Gonzoisacat. From May 5, 2019 to date, more than 650 posts have been made on the account, which has generated a fanbase that does not miss the adventures of this feline.

His family told for the digital magazine, The Dodo, which Gonzo always preferred to be outside of the house. He enjoys taking walks in the garden and even walking around the neighborhood a few times, but despite his spirit of exploration, he always comes home when called.

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Ever since he was little, Gonzo has always loved being outside his home (Instagram @gonzoisacat)

Among the videos they posted, the feline can be seen wandering around different places in its neighborhood, where it picks up trash, makes friends and hunt any type of object or animal whom he regards as prey.

The decision to put the collar on with a camera came after they had doubts about what he was doing all the time while he was away from home, and from then on they were impressed with all the experiences their furry companion has had.

“My wife and I talked about it and thought it would be a good idea to find out what he was doing,” Derek said in the interview. The man dedicated to making documentaries decided at that moment that it would be a good idea to put a spy camera on it.

At first they thought he was in trouble or harmed people, but the reality is that he spent all his time sleeping in the bushes. There was an occasion where he lived near baby opossums and although at first the rodents were afraid of Gonzo’s presence, in later videos they lived peacefully.

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The owners were surprised at the many activities Gonzo did outside his home (Instagram @gonzoisacat)
The owners were surprised at the many activities Gonzo did outside his home (Instagram @gonzoisacat)

Derek explained that since he was a puppy, Gonzo has enjoyed bringing “gifts” to him and his wife. Pieces of plastic, boxes, hair ties, banana peels or coffee cup lids are some of the items she brought home.

“He’s a big, strong cat, he’s exceptionally smart, but the results won’t be pretty or safe for all cats,” Gonzo’s owner commented on how difficult it was for other felines to have a camera collar while the weather. Derek explained that they had another cat they wouldn’t let out and even decided not to put the same collar on him as the tabby.

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Among all the clips that this animal has managed to record, you can see how “expert” he is survive away from homeregularly avoids trouble and likes to be surrounded by all kinds of vegetation.

In the more than two years of his career as a filmmaker, Gonzo has had no problems with his collar, however his owners have feared that other people will try to put a camera on their animal without knowing the consequences that the animal will have. could have.

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