The war in Ukraine, which has already claimed thousands of lives, continues on different fronts as Russia already occupies much of Donbas and the country’s troops try to recover lost territories in the south. The negotiations that began in the first weeks of the conflict remain paralyzed and there is no end in sight to a conflict that could drag on. Moscow has already warned that it has no intention of limiting itself to the east of the territory, but kyiv is fighting to stop the offensive thanks to the military aid of Western countries.

Russia to practice battalion tactical exercises in Belarus, according to its Defense Ministry

The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced on Monday that its Army will carry out battalion tactical exercises in Belarus, where soldiers have been transferred to support the offensive against Ukraine.

“The final characterization of the combat capacity and combat readiness of the units will be given by the command in the final coordination stage, after the battalion’s tactical exercises have been carried out,” reads a statement from the ministerial portfolio. picked up by the Russian news agency Interfax.

Thus, the Ministry has indicated that the Armed Forces “continue the intensive combat training course” in Belarus, where training classes are held day and night, in such a way that it considers that “the rhythm of combat coordination of Russian military personnel ” is high”.

Ukraine claims to have destroyed several Russian army ammunition depots

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have destroyed at least two ammunition depots and Russian anti-aircraft system positions during fighting in the east of the country.

The soldiers of the Ukrainian aviation have carried out six attacks in areas of concentration of Russian military personnel, weapons and equipment, as well as three attacks against positions of the Russian armed forces of anti-aircraft missile systems, the ‘Unian’ media reported.

However, the Ukrainian General Staff has not given details about the places affected, according to a report by this body published this Sunday night, as reported by the dpa agency.

Ukraine adds the border with Belarus to its army’s priorities

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, stated this Sunday that the Ukrainian General Staff prioritizes the defense of the country’s border with Russia and Belarus.

“The protection of the border with Russia and Belarus is also a constant priority. We are preparing for all possible defense scenarios,” explained the Ukrainian president in the speech that he has sent to his citizens every afternoon since the war began.

“Whoever inclines Minsk to whatever will not help it like any other sick idea in this war against Ukraine and the Ukrainians,” he added.

Along these lines, Zelensky has pointed out the importance of air defense systems, provided by his partners, with the aim of “depriving the terrorist state of its main instrument of aggression.”

Ukraine prepares on the Belarusian border

Ukraine is preparing on the Belarusian border “for all possible defense scenarios”, according to what the country’s president, Volodimir Zelensky, assured this Sunday night, before the announcement by Russian president Vladimir Putin to travel to Minsk in search of a second war front.

“The protection of the border with Russia and Belarus is a constant priority. We are preparing for all possible defense scenarios. Whoever inclines Minsk to whatever, will not help you like any other sick idea in this war against Ukraine and the Ukrainians,” Zelensky said in his usual late-breaking speech.

Russian President Vladimir Putin travels to Belarus this Monday in a decisive week for Russia’s future military strategy in Ukraine, where the opening of a second front could put the Ukrainian Army in many difficulties.

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