Beirut, April 17. The United States will distribute cash assistance to Lebanese police officers, whose local currency salaries have lost nearly 100% of their value since the start of a serious crisis in 2019, putting the maintenance of security in the country in the ropes.

“This program will help alleviate some of the economic hardships faced by members of the Internal Security Forces (ISF), who work hard to serve their country, their people and the residents of their territory,” the official announced today. United States Embassy in Beirut.

Like the rest of public sector workers, ISF members have seen how their salaries have become insufficient to cover even the most basic food, which, combined with the general scarcity of resources in institutions, affects their work.

Many Lebanese police and military have been forced to look for second jobs to survive, despite the existence of “under the table” compensatory measures such as the reduction of working days, the distribution of free fuel or the injection of cash. not declared by countries like the United States

According to the US diplomatic legation, distribution of police aid will begin tomorrow in conjunction with the UN and a total of $16.5 million will be distributed over the next six months, with monthly payments of $100 for every money that meets the program requirements.

“The start of the cash disbursement is a concrete demonstration of the United States’ continued commitment to supporting ISF’s fundamental efforts to uphold the rule of law and defend the Lebanese people,” the note said.

Among many other sectors that have waged strikes and protests over their salaries, retired Lebanese soldiers have repeatedly demonstrated in recent weeks against their devalued pensions, which have fallen from around $2,000 to just $50. dollars, according to their accounts to EFE. ECE


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