A play“has many characters that cosplayers like to portray with their material art, and one of them is boa hancock. While it’s true that he doesn’t have as much presence as more typical ones such as Luffy, Zoro and other main characters, the reality is that it’s quite easy to find cosplay on ‘The Serpent Princess’. This is precisely what I bring to you today, because I believe that the result is really great.

Boa Hancock is more real than ever in this new One Piece cosplay

So, without further ado, I leave you with the Boa Hancock cosplay. by @azeycoser:

The truth, between make-up and editing It became difficult for me to determine at first if it was a real cosplay, a very elaborate digital illustration or a creation by Artificial Intelligence. However, details such as the outfit or that the model is real remove any doubt. Anyway, the main comment I have about the cosplay is that I find it exceptionally well done, and pays homage to Boa Hancock wonderfully.

In case you want to see another really spectacular “One Piece” cosplay, I will remember that a few days ago I saved one which, in this case, was created by an Artificial Intelligence. I leave you the article in which you will find it, and prepare to be amazed:

I sincerely wonder if Boa Hancock will be important again in the “One Piece” anime, well Since we entered the territory of the Yonkou, the truth is that it is a character who has completely disappeared from the events of the story.. And you, would you like the character to be present again in the story of Luffy and company?

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