Ukraine was suspended on Friday from the verdict of the European Commission, which must give its opinion on the EU candidate status of the country at war, a way for Kyiv to protect itself by integrating the “European family”. Follow our direct.

  • 4 am: First response on Friday to Ukraine’s European aspirations

The European Commission decides on Friday to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate for the EU, but any green light will be subject to conditions and must be unanimously validated by the Twenty-seven before the start of long negotiations for its entry.

An opinion had never been issued in such a short time on a candidacy request, an emergency due to the war that Russia has been waging for more than three months and that is part of the support that the Europeans give Ukraine against Moscow.

  • 1:01 a.m.: Russia ‘lost strategically,’ says senior British military

“President Putin has used 25% of the power of his army to reap small territorial gains,” the chief of the British Defense Staff, Admiral Tony Radakin, said in remarks reported by the British PA agency on Friday.

“Any claim that this is a success for Russia is nonsense. Russia is losing,” she said. “She may have some tactical successes in the next few weeks,” she admitted. “But Russia has already lost strategically,” she said, stressing that “NATO is more powerful,” let alone “Finland and Sweden seek to join” the organization. According to him, Russia “will never take control of Ukraine.”

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