The Associated Press gave the death of the woman, who was photographed on a stretcher immediately after the bombing of the Mariupol hospital: one of the symbolic images of the war

Not a fake news, but an even more tragic story than the one already told. The pregnant woman photographed on a stretcher after the bombing of the Mariupol hospital died . The child she was expecting also lost his life. The news was released by the Associated Press agency that released the only images of the bombing of the hospital in the city martyred in the war in Ukraine .

From the first moments after the attack, the woman appeared in very serious condition. The baby had already died at the time of delivery and the woman had severe injuries. Their names are not known . The husband asked for the bodies, not donations, which ended up in the mass graves that are around the city. “At least someone came to get them,” the doctors said.

Civilians are the first victims of the Russian attack on Ukraine. Moscow is accused by many of war crimes for bombing hospitals. They are also victims of fake news circulated in recent days, such as the one about the hospital: the accusation, also of Russian embassies around the world, is that the photos taken by an award-winning Associated Press photojournalist, Evgeniy Maloletka.

Its presence is one of the few in Mariupol , a city that is in increasingly desperate conditions : there is a lack of food, water, electricity and heating. There are thousands of people trapped and at least 2,500 civilians alone dead. We need humanitarian corridors that have never been safe in recent days.

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