March 31st is approaching, the date on which the state of emergency ends. The Green Pass remains after this day, but may leave earlier than expected. We talk about the month of May. Here are the possible stages of the abandonment of the green certificate

The certainty, for weeks already, is that March 31 will be the last day of the state of emergency in Italy. From April 1st there will be reopening and changed rules. The government is working on the farewell stages of the Green Pass, quarantines for the unvaccinated and even masks, first outdoors and then indoors.

By June 15, the green certification should go on file, but it could happen well before that date in the first place, given that the curve of the epidemic does not worry the government, to restart the tourism sector in line with neighboring countries. As of today, France has removed the obligation to wear a mask, apart from means of transport and hospitals, and the green certification . All regions are leaving the yellow zone and soon the color system should no longer exist. On March 31, the work of the emergency commissioner, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, and of the technical-scientific committee ends.

If graduality and prudence remain the guidelines, speeding up is however necessary. This is the possible road map of farewell.

April 1st

Goodbye reinforced green pass, the one you get with vaccination or recovery, for outdoor bars and restaurants , probably no more form of certification will be needed. In indoor venues, the basic Green Pass should be sufficient until the end of April. The same should apply to sporting activities and concerts and to public transport, the certification obtained with a negative swab will suffice. It should also apply to hotels. Stadium capacity should return to 100% and stadium capacity to 65%.

No more quarantine at school even for non-vaccinated people. At home, only the positives remain. The date of the farewell to the Ffp2 masks to be established.

May 1

That of the first day of May should be the farewell date to all forms of certification, even for indoor venues from restaurants to cinemas. The basic certificate should remain for means of transport, in hospitals, RSAs and workplaces. Also from this date we could say goodbye to the reinforced Green Pass also for those over 50 at work. However, the vaccination obligation for over 50s remains until 15 June.

End of May

This should be the date of the farewell to the Green Pass. Everything should be free for the three summer months and the hope is that the infections will not rise in the fall.


The obligation to wear surgical masks indoors does not seem to fall, but the one to bring the Ffp2 could go away. The obligation to wear masks indoors could only go away with the arrival of summer.

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