A client of the well-known food chain KFC reported on social networks that she found the complete head of a chicken in her order for wings.

The event occurred in Twickenham, United Kingdom, and was recently shared on the Instagram account Takeaway Trauma, where users narrate their bad experiences with home delivery.

The complaint was made by Gabrielle, who said that when she asked for her wings, she found the complete head of the animal.

The woman showed the piece of the chicken in which you can see the beak and eyes of the animal. Despite this, the head was battered with the traditional recipe of the chain of restaurants.

”I found a fried chicken head in my chicken wing meal. Take the rest of my food out, ugh”The woman wrote in her review.

After the publication, the comments of the Internet users did not wait.

“I wish I could go back in time for 2 minutes when I hadn’t seen this” and “How did they not notice it while preparing the food?”, Were some of the comments of those who criticized the fried chicken chain.

On the contrary, other users were critical of the woman for consume animals: “You found some dead animal in your dead animal box”Wrote a woman.

”If you eat meat there is nothing to complain about. You face the reality of what you eat”Wrote another netizen.

The food chain’s response

KFC replied to the complaint that they were already in contact with the woman who received said piece of chicken.

In addition, they added that they do not know how the animal’s head arrived at the woman’s request, since this clearly does not comply with the protocols of the food chain.

”Bottom line, we serve real chicken, and we’re proud of it, but this has clearly escaped strict processes. and controls established with our suppliers, partners and teams, who prepare everything at the moment in our restaurants ”, KFC told the newspaper ‘The Sun’.

According to the company, they have already been implemented measures with suppliers and a new training was carried out for restaurant workers so that this does not happen again.

“That said, it doesn’t change Gabrielle’s experience, so we’ve reached out to her and now she’s accepted some free KFC from us,” the company said.

The woman was also invited to watch the food preparation process in restaurants as part of KFC’s strategy to signal to her that this will not happen again.

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