Union Jack flags cover London to celebrate Elizabeth II’s jubilee

Union Jack flags cover London to celebrate Elizabeth II’s jubilee

Hundreds of people dressed in the “Union Jack” (British flag) in different formats -hats, glasses, t-shirts, boots, tattoos, flags- await this Thursday in the streets of London the start of the celebrations planned for the 70 years on the throne of Queen Elizabeth II.

From early in the morning, heterogeneous groups of citizens and tourists have flocked to different places in the capital to participate in the varied program of recreational acts in order to pay tribute to His Majesty, although anti-monarchist groups have also been seen (to a lesser extent) proclaiming their rejection of the institution.

In this line of opposition to the Monarchy and what it represents, the Republic group stands out, campaigning to abolish the Institution and replace the figure of the Queen with that of an elected head of state.

The group has erected a gigantic poster, funded by crowdfunding campaigns across the country, with a revealing slogan: “Let’s make Elizabeth II the last (queen)”.

Taking advantage of the occasion, Republic has installed signs that urge citizens to support their request for this act to be the last and for there to be an “adult debate” in the country about the future of the Monarchy.

The central London avenue The Mall brings together citizens of all nationalities, who consider it important, according to what they tell the media, to honor the legacy of their monarch.

A recent opinion poll released by the firm YouGove on the occasion of the Jubilee indicates that 62% of citizens support the monarchy, 22% are in favor of an elected head of state, while 16% “do not know” .

Another survey released this week by Ipsos-Mori indicates that 68% are in favor of the Monarchy compared to 22% who favor the option of the republic and 10% who “do not know”.

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