UK detects first 6 cases of

UK detects first 6 cases of “Highly Contagious” Manaus variant of Coronavirus

The first cases of the Manaus variant (Brazil) of coronavirus have been found in the UK, british health authorities reported this Sunday.

These are six cases, of which three were located in England and three in Scotland, according to the Public Health England (PHE) health authority.

Experts fear that this strain, which first appeared in Manaos and can be more contagious, resistant to the vaccines that are being given in the UK.

Of the three shoots in England, two correspond to the same family in South Gloucestershire (west) who had been in Brazil in mid-February, before the government imposed restrictions on travelers from that country, but the third party is not linked to that trip.

The other cases correspond to three residents of Scotland who returned to that region from Brazil but they made a stopover in Paris and London, according to the authorities.

“The identification of this new variant is a concern but we are taking all possible precautions.” Scottish Health Officer Jeane Freeman said on Sunday.

Health officials consider that the strain of Manaos is “worrisome” since it shares the same mutations as the variant identified in South Africa, considered more contagious.

These three infections detected in Scotland are not linked to those located in England.

The British Government has vetoed flights from several countries in South America, Portugal and South Africa, as a way to contain the spread of these new variants.

The British Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, announced this Sunday that more than 20 million people have already received the first dose of the vaccine against covid-19 in the United Kingdom.

The National Health Service (NHS) is vaccinating with Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca preparations.

The Government has set itself the goal of vaccinating, at least with the first of the two doses of the preparation, those over 50 years of age by April 15 and the adult population by July 31.

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