This means that Meghan and Harry lost their royal titles

This means that Meghan and Harry lost their royal titles

According to the transition statement issued in the spring of last year, it stated that: “In relation to the army, the Duke of Sussex would retain the rank of commander and the honorary ranks of lieutenant commander and squad leaders. During this 12-month review period, the Duke’s official military appointments will not be used as they are in the hands of the sovereign. No new appointments will be made to fill these functions before the end of the 12-month review of the new provisions.”

The British newspaper The Times posted that Harry is saddened by the decision that he will have to resign from a number of positions associated with the actual role he held, once the decision takes effect.

Then, Prince Harry would have lost his appointments Honorary military personnel such as his esteemed role as Captain General of the Royal Marines, Honorary Air Commander for RAF Honington at Bury St Edmunds, and Commodore Chief of Small Ships and Diving, Royal Naval Command.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will also have to renounce all their royal patronages in favor of the queen, which they, incidentally, clung to when they ceased to be first-rate members of the royal family. For example, the former actress was patron of the National Theater, while Harry had sponsorships with the Rugby Football Union, the Rugby Football League and the London Marathon.

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