Environmental activists and animal rights activists on Saturday blocked several distribution centers in the UK of the American fast food chain McDonald’s, assuring that this will affect 1,300 restaurants.

“We do it to end the misery of fast food that causes obesity, destroys the Amazon and warms the planet,” explained Animal Rebellion on Twitter.

This group is behind the action targeting four distribution centers in England: Coventry (center), Manchester (north), Basingstoke (south) and Hemel Hampstead, near London.

Animal Rebellion said it would remain in those locations for at least 24 hours.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said the chain’s distribution centers were “currently experiencing disruption” and that it was evaluating the “impact on deliveries” to restaurants.

“We apologize to our customers for any disappointment that may be caused,” he added.

Animal Rebellion released footage of activists blocking the entrance to a distribution center in Coventry with bamboo structures and a van.

Coventry police explained on Twitter that they were engaging with activists to “minimize disruption.”

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