England registers a sharp Drop in Coronavirus Infections

England registers a sharp drop in Coronavirus infections

The contagions of coronavirus have registered a “strong decrease” in England since the beginning of last January and the biggest drop was observed in the British capital, according to a study by Imperial College London.

This academic institution, which closely follows the evolution of the pandemic, released its “React” study, in which it states that infections fell by two thirds in England, but the fall in London, the south-east and central English reached 80%.

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However, according to the research, the levels of contagion of the coronavirus They are still very high, with one positive for every 200 people between February 4 and 13, similar to those of September last year.

All British regions maintain strong containment measures to contain the spread of covid-19, especially the British variant, first observed at the end of last year in the county of Kent, southeast English.

According to the study “React”-Which has not yet been reviewed by independent experts-, the data is preliminary, based on 85,000 covid tests, but suggests that restrictive measures and social distance are working.

The research adds that the reproductive number R for the disease is in the United Kingdom at 0.72, which implies that the coronavirus is in decline, and that the falls in infections were observed among people of all ages.

The director of this research program, Paul Elliott, indicated that the decrease in infections is an “encouraging” data.

For his part, the author of the analysis, Steven Riley, described the decline in infections in London as “drastic” and added that such a significant downward trend has been observed that it is equivalent to reducing cases by half every fortnight .

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, will announce on the 22nd the roadmap to lift the confinement in England, after the decrease in the contagion of covid-19 and the advance of the vaccination plan for the population.

According to the latest official data, the United Kingdom yesterday registered another 738 deaths and 12,718 infections.

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