Mendoza: They were kicked out of the bar and knocked out the girl. The young worker, 21, was attacked by two men. The other customers helped her. (Twitter: Mendoza today)

A violent situation left a 21-year-old worker brutally assaulted and two men arrested with a gender-based violence survey against him, in an event that took place in a bar in the capital of Mendoza in the early hours of Tuesday, March 14.

The episode broke out around 3:20 a.m., in the premises located at 100 Arístides Villanueva Street, in the heart of the capital Mendoza.

Footage recorded by security cameras shows how two subjects begin gesturing with glasses full of drinks and apparently move with the intention of leaving the scene.

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According to witnesses, the intention was to avoid paying for what was consumed, according to information published after the incident by the local portal Mendoza Post.

Mendoza: They were kicked out of the bar and attacked the girl. The young worker, 21, was attacked by two men. The other customers helped her

After that, the discussion turned into a scuffle and the tension mounted until the young woman serving the tables was immersed in the riots the attackers had sparked, received a savage blow in the face with a blunt object.

After the attack, the worker collapsed and had to be helped by other customers and colleagues trying to cope with the scene. The images show about twenty people trying to contain the two subjects who had made the situation uncontrollable.

After being rescued, the young woman enters the premises again, helped by one of her colleagues. In the sector of aggression, we observe corridos, between the despair of helping the attacked woman and the fury of reducing the men in front of the unusual attack.

The 21-year-old girl brutally assaulted in Mendoza (Photo: Los Andes)
The 21-year-old girl brutally assaulted in Mendoza (Photo: Los Andes)

In fact, the sixth police station, competent in this area of ​​the capital of Mendoza, intervened. Fiscal Office No. 2 also intervened, ordering the immediate arrest of the attackers, who had been reduced by customers and workers in the place.

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Following the beatings, the young woman had to be admitted to the central hospital, located about 20 blocks from the scene of the attack. There, treated in the emergency room, she received 15 stitches in the face, due to the cuts suffered after being attacked, allegedly, with a drink.

The subjects are said to be 40 and 35 years old, according to the Mendocino Los Andes newspaper, and they have been made available to public prosecution officials.

The place in question has been identified by local media as “Maldito Perro” and is popular in the area. Another video filmed by casual bystanders shows how violent people tried to run away after beating the worker, but they were reduced by others who had witnessed what happened.

The woman, meanwhile, was discharged after receiving treatment at the central hospital.

After the wide local repercussion of the episode, it was learned that the investigation was in charge of the correctional prosecutor’s office headed by Tomás Guevara, according to Los Andes. There, the judicial official explained that he was collecting evidence, analyzing the existing ones, to determine what will be the charge that will be brought against the attackers, who have already been identified and remain in detention.

There was also another arrest related to the same event. It is about a man who followed the assailants to the location of the truck they were traveling in and proceeded to beat it furiously. In his case, he will be charged with degradation, based on filmed recordings from security cameras in which he would see how he engages against the vehicle to cause damage.

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