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Tsitsipas explodes against the networks: “I feel sorry for those who do not have life and pay it with me”

That social networks can become a channel for verbal aggression is well known. And that these attacks are often directed at celebrities who otherwise would not be able to approach, too. Stefanos Tsitsipas has had enough of all that and has published a forceful message on his Twitter account criticizing the attitude of some towards life.

“Who does not have life, takes care of that of others”, “It is only gossip to exist”, “They all have their own disorder”, “They will ignore you until they need you”, “In life you will stand out or dedicate yourself to talk about those who stand out “ and “I don’t hate or hate those who talk about me. I only feel sorry for them, because they don’t have a life and they pay for it with me. Although at the same time, I’m not going to hide it, it’s fun”, were the pills that the Greek tennis player launched in a thread in their native language.

Tsitsipas is not the first to discuss this issue on his account. Recently John Millman posted the messages that a fan had sent him after a loss. He dedicated nice things like “ugly”, “idiot”, “I f ….. é to your mother, son of a p … a” or “retire from tennis, stupid”, to end with a “I hope you have Cancer”. An example of what professionals have to put up with every day (and that Millman is not even one of the best) and what has led Tsitsipas to explode.

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