Guide to create the most original and delicious croquette

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Orlando, the fried tomato brand preferred by Spanish households, continues to demonstrate its commitment to society and its experience in the kitchen throughout these years. For this reason, under its campaign “ More Than One Tomato * and on the occasion of International Croquette Day, Orlando presents the ‘Guide to creating the most original (and delicious) croquette *.

With this manual `croquette maker * everyone, in 8 simple steps, will be able to enjoy this delicacy that is so ours and, in addition, with some characteristics that will make them even more special: boletus, mashed potatoes and, of course, the unique flavor of Orlando will be its star ingredients. This recipe appears collected in the first cookbook of the brand, `More than a tomato. 26 recipes to suck your fingers this fall-winter *, which has already become an essential element of inspiration in any home.

Croquettes, in addition to being a culinary symbol of our country, have been – along with paella – the star recipe in Spanish homes during confinement, as confirmed by the study “ The rise of the kitchen at home * carried out by Orlando. The most traditional are usually ham and cooked, taking advantage of the leftovers of the meat that are left from the stews, cooked or roasted. But this typical recipe has been versioned in all corners of the world and today we can find the most gourmet croquettes and the most diverse. We can find them with cheese, foie, oxtail, black pudding, fish. There are as many possibilities as there are tastes in the world! For this reason, Orlando shares the step by step of its star croquette: the Orlando boletus and fried tomato croquette. With this recipe you will conquer the most exquisite palates.

Ingredients for the boletus croquette, mashed potato and fried tomato Orlando

The ingredients in this recipe are for 4 servings and the cooking time is 60 minutes.

For the bechamel:

– 140g butter

– 140g of flour

– 625ml of milk

–625g de nata

– 1 onion

– 1 whole garlic

– 125ml of white wine

For the rest of the recipe:

– 625g of mashed potatoes

– 200g de boletus

– Breadcrumbs, the necessary to coat

– 3 eggs

– A pinch of salt

– One round of black pepper mill

– 70g of Orlando Fried Tomato Arsena Recipe

We start the step by step with the bechamel: the key to success

1. The first thing we have to do is heat the milk and cream. We add a little salt and pepper.

2. Then, we put the butter in a saucepan and sauté the onion and garlic cut into small pieces.

3. Next, add the wine to the casserole and reduce to medium heat.

4. Later, add the flour and cook for about 10 minutes over medium heat. We are gradually incorporating the milk and cream until we have a fine and homogeneous dough, while stirring. When the dough is ready, without lumps, we remove it from the heat.

Bechamel list continues with the following tips to enjoy the desired croquettes

5. Cut the boletus into small cubes and sauté in olive oil.

6. Then, add the mashed potato, the boletus and the Orlando Fried Tomato Artisan Recipe to the béchamel sauce. We stir and reserve in the fridge overnight if possible.

7. We mold the dough so that it is in the form of croquettes. A trick that never fails to make the shape of the croquettes is to put a little oil in your hands so that the dough does not stick. Next, we pass it through flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs.

8. The last step is to fry them … and enjoy!

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