Women’s Deportes Tolima aims to strengthen the 2023 project. @cdtolimafem

The Colombian women’s league is progressing at a good pace, several teams have organized themselves in order to make a good presentation in the tournament. One of the eleven who intends to be the protagonist is the Sports TolimaHowever, social networks have broadcast the words of one of its technicians, who considers that leading women is somewhat complicated, a fact that has sparked controversy.

The club is going through a delicate football situation, since it has not found a reliable basis allowing it to move the project forward. The technique Carlos Cesar Castro He did interim work, this, before the process that Jhon Agudelo did for the awarding of his pro license, however, it should be clarified that in the last game of the tribe, Agudelo returned to the bench.

In the penultimate match of the Tolimenses, carlos castro He spoke about the balance of his players, saying working with females is different. According to Castro, he entered the locker room at halftime of the match against Equity and explained everything to her players, considering that they still feel the impact of facing experienced rivals, she even assured that she had become the Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

“We work with men, it’s different, I came to the locker room to do something else, but then it was Mother Teresa from Calcutta’s turn to tell them that we had planned, I asked her to play football , to have fun, the result did not work”. It doesn’t matter now that we lost, we have to take the fear away from them because yesterday there was stage fright among these girls, complicated when they face strong rivals like the one we face.

Facing the situation with respect, the strategist stressed that leading a women’s team was complex, saying he admired those who did. Castro pointed out that he managed to meet Carlos Paniagua (coach of the Colombian women’s national team) and shared several points with him, who provided him with various information.

“The problem with them is screwed up, it’s complicated. I studied with Professor Paniagua, we did the pro license in Medellín and he likes me, he called me and we discussed the issue of girls because it is a complex issue, no one leads and I take my hat off to the coaches who lead the girls, it’s complex”

Likewise, he pointed out that women usually permeate enthusiasts on the pitch, as they bring personal situations to the playing field, ensuring that when they do not have an acceptable relationship with their teammates, according to him , they tend to be selfish with the ball, as they don’t play collectively.

“If there is one girl who wanders off, like seven or eight already wander off, then the work you are doing crumbles, because they control the heart more than the reason. I explained to them that I had a lot of problems with my teammates in games, in my position I didn’t talk to them, but on the pitch I would kill myself for this teammate because we had to earn our salary, women don’t don’t do it, if you don’t know how to talk to the other, the ball won’t pass”.

He even assured that at this time, the team is only participating, since it does not compete, on this, he added: “All this is new to me and the teacher Paniagua started to soak me, I am the most direct and sincere with her, suddenly it happened to me, but I want to clarify something is that s ‘they don’t improve their attitude they won’t compete; What Deportes Tolima does is participate in the professional women’s football tournament, but it’s not competition, it’s what I want to leave my mark and try to make them work and focus on that”.

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