Discord Voice chat is finally available on PS5. Esto debería hacer que hablar con amigos en otras plataformas mientras juegan diferentes juegos sea mucho más fácil, siempre que los usuarios can decubrir cómo usar Discord en PlayStation 5. easy. Here’s how to use Discord Voice Chat on PS5.

How to Use Discord Voice Chat on PS5

To use Discord Voice Chat on PS5, users must:

  1. First, make sure you have a Discord and PlayStation account.
  2. Launch Discord on your phone or PC
  3. Go to User Settings > Connections > Add > PlayStation.
  4. Select “Start”.
  5. Sign in to your PlayStation account.
  6. Choose a voice channel and select “Join on PlayStation”.
  7. Select your PS5, then tap “Join call on PlayStation”.
  8. To manage chat on PS5, press the PS button and select the “Discord Voice Chat” card.

Note: PS5 users will need to have firmware 7.00 installed for Discord to be compatible

For those who work best with video tutorials, Discord has provided this helpful tutorial:

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