Maracaibo (Venezuela), April 16. Thousands of faithful took to the streets of Maracaibo, capital of the Venezuelan state of Zulia (northwest), to accompany Jesús de la Misericordia in a procession that covered several kilometers from the city, the second largest Catholic mobilization in this border region with Colombia. , after the descent of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá, in October.

The image of Merciful Jesus, carried on his shoulders, left the Church of La Consolación, from where the procession departed, which traveled about 4.5 kilometers to the Grano de Oro sector, where the Eucharist, presided over by the Archbishop of Maracaibo, Monsignor José Luis Azuaje.

José Luis Matheus, president of the María Camino a Jesús Foundation, told reporters that the streets of the city were “overflowing with faith, with hope, with people” who were turning, “with confidence, to God’s mercy”.

“(There is) a lot of devotion, a lot of joy (…) We are very grateful and full of joy because we see that it is a party for everyone,” said Matheus, with whom the faithful are. All right.

For Blanca Rivas, who has been walking for 14 years, it is “an emotion” that leaves her “speechless”.

“It is something that has no comparison, there are no words to express what it feels like at the moment you are living. Here comes all Maracaibo, in this procession Maracaibo is completely united, and whoever doesn’t come watches it on television,” said Rivas, who called for the country’s situation to be improved.

Via Twitter, the governor of Zulia, Manuel Rosales, asked Jesus of Mercy to “pour out love and blessings on each person who today suffers from suffering and sadness”.

“Happy day! Praise your heart, Jesus of Mercy. (…) Be the path of light, of happiness,” said the official, who added that the event is a “majestic procession of love”. who guides the people “towards the reconciliation and prosperity of Zulia”. ECE



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