Labor Day (Freepik)

If there is one situation that usually makes workers smile, especially on the state side, it is the vacation.

And it is that these days are the most anticipated, since they are used by many to take an extra day of rest that can be used for walking or having a good time relaxing with the family or friends.

But this situation is maximized when the public holiday falls on a day close to weekend and what is called in Peru a long weekend is forming. As will be the case this May 1, when Labor Day is celebrated around the world.

Labor Day (Freepik)
Labor Day (Freepik)

As the Peruvian civic calendar indicates, May 1 is Labor Day and is a non-working holiday for many employees.

In this sense, it coincides with the fact that this year this day falls on a Monday. In this sense, a second weekend will be formed, since, as is known, most people do not work neither Saturday 29 April nor Sunday 30.

It would be the second long weekend Peruvians will have this year, as Holy Week was the first.

In this sense, thousands of Peruvians will have the opportunity to take advantage of these days away from the office to achieve any type of activity which is conducive to sharing with friends or loved ones.

These can be inside the home, like running series on a trendy digital platform, participating in board games Or arrange a meeting.

If, on the contrary, what you want is to leave Lima and get away from the chaotic noise that accompanies the city day after day, there are several alternatives for traveling in the provinces. Or in the capital itself and do internal tourism in places that we do not yet know.

The options are endless to get the max profit to the next long weekend ahead.

Labor Day (Freepik)
Labor Day (Freepik)

In addition to being a commemorative date for all workers in the world, many organizations generally formulate different types of social demands in favor of workers. In much of the worldthis day is a public holiday.

What is now a party began as a fierce battle between a group of late 19th century workers who, tired of working 12-18 hour shifts, decided to fight for their rights and managed to work eight hours, having eight more than rest and the other eight, in which the day is divided, which are leisure.

It all happened on May 1, 1886, when in Chicago (USA) Nearly 90,000 workers from different factories came together to bring to life the best years of the Industrial Revolution in the world at that time.

Labor Day (Freepik)
Labor Day (Freepik)

In the early years, this celebration was only at the North American giant; however, since 1889, the Second Socialist International has established that all of May Day should be remembered as the principal date on which it was officially established the eight hour working day.

It is for this reason that the Labor DayIn addition to being a holiday to relax from the daily obligations of the office or the work center, it also serves to reflect on all that has been advanced in the field of labor law and how much we still have to advance in this matter, because along the way many people died unrecognized their most minimal rights, something that unfortunately continues to happen in the 21st century.

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