Businessman Juan Adolfo Laffeuillade was 80 years old and a former director of Banco de Chubut (Tveo Comodoro).

He inside This alerted the residents of Calle Juan B. Justo at 200, in the Chubut town of Comodoro Rivadavia. The smoke, mingled with the smell of burning, filtered through one of the houses on the block: that of the Juan Adolfo Lafeuillade. Upon arrival at the scene, firefighters encountered a tragic scene: the body of the owner – a well-known 80-year-old businessman – with at least two bullets in the head. For the fact, they arrested a 28-year-old woman, who was trying to cross into the province of Santa Cruz with two minor teenagers.

Since Tuesday morning in the early morning, the murder of Laffeuillade, former director of Banco de Chubutcompletely shocked the community of Comodoro, the most populous city in the province of Chubut and considered “calm and residential”.

As part of the investigation, this Wednesday morning a suspect was arrested at the police control of “Ramón Santos”, the pass that separates the province of Chubut from Santa Cruz, located near the town of Caleta Olivia.

The woman — identified by the local prosecutor’s office as being Micaela Ortellado— was apprehended trying to cross the interjurisdictional checkpoint at Santa Cruz in a burgundy Fiat Toro van, victim’s property. According to investigators, she was accompanied by two minors aged 14 and 15: the eldest of them is her brother and the other is a friend of the first.

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According to the portal ADNSUROrtellado (born in Taiwan Province) is one known criminal of the city of Comodoro with a “single robbery” record. In May 2022, she was arrested with another man for robberies in the town of Sarmiento. Just over a month ago, in January 2023, the 28-year-old used the operating mode known as “Black Widow” and convinced a man outside a bar to spend the night, then robbed him.

After being arrested, Micaela Ortellado was housed at the Fourth Police Station in Caleta Olivia. (Caleta Olivia Agency / El Patagonic)
After being arrested, Micaela Ortellado was housed at the Fourth Police Station in Caleta Olivia. (Caleta Olivia Agency / El Patagonic)

According to the chief of operations of the Comodoro Rivadavia regional unit of the Chubut police, Omar DelgadoAccording to testimony, the event occurred “between Monday evening and Tuesday morning”.

“When we arrived at the scene, there was a lot of smoke and as soon as the firefighters intervened, they found the victim’s body already lifeless and shot,” the police chief said. telamwho claimed that the result of the autopsy to the employer’s organization to officially establish how many bullets did he get. This is because, at first, some spokespersons claimed that Laffeuillade had at least six bullet holes, but the information was dismissed by Commissioner Delgado.

For now, where they found pods served with a 9 mm cannon which were removed for examination.

At present, it was established that at the time of the crime Laffeuillade was alone. The main suspicion is that the homicide is linked to a robbery. For more precision, the researchers tried to find images provided by the security cameras of the neighborhood and asked for the cooperation of the residents of the block and the neighborhood in order to provide data to guide the investigation.

The case is led by the prosecutor Martin Carcamo who, in the next few hours, will investigate the woman arrested for the crime of “concealment”, since she was in the vehicle belonging to the victim. However, the researchers do not exclude the participation more active of the woman in the crime, so that she could be charged with homicide.

*With information from Telam

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