Yesterday afternoon, the Special Prosecutor’s Office in the Fight against Corruption in Morelos confirmed that the body found in Mexico City last 28th of April corresponds to that of one of the four municipal policemen with arrest warrants for possible participation in the forced disappearance of two businessmen in Yautepec.

The body was found inside a bag and with several headshots in a ravine of the Los Cipreses de Santiaguito neighborhood of the mayor’s office Xochimilco in Mexico City; The element was buried in Xochitepec, according to a death certificate published on social networks.

The agency assured that it will provide necessary information that could be used for the investigations, which will be carried out by the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) capital city, on the homicide of the officer, identified as José Mario Guillén Gómez.

(Photo: Morelos Prosecutor's Office)

(Photo: Morelos Prosecutor’s Office)

On January 16, Román Martínez García and his stepson, Luis Fernando Ogazon Ariza, From gas industry entrepreneurs, disappeared in the municipality of Yautepec, after they were arrested in the Tabachines neighborhood after a minor car accident with a patrol.

According to the facts, the police driver of the vehicle, who would have been Gabriel Fuentes Galicia, requested support from other elements that would help him transfer the two men to the local police headquarters, however this never happened.

After 72 hours of solitary confinement, the victims’ next of kin filed a complaint with the authorities and exerted pressure actions and various demonstrations for the authorities to initiate the corresponding investigations.

But it wasn’t until January 26 that Jose Antonio Ortiz Guarneros, head of the State Security Commission (THESE), reported that five elements of the municipal police had already been identified as possible participants in the crime.

(Photo: Facebook / Morelos Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office)

(Photo: Facebook / Morelos Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office)

Meanwhile, the municipal president, Agustin Alonso Gutierrez, confirmed that four of the five officers had abandoned their work and their weapon before going on the run.

However, so far they have only managed to arrest one of them, the other four remain at large: José Mario Gómez Guillén (now deceased), Gabriel Iván Fuentes Galicia, Carlos Ricardo Cabello Hernández and Isaías Pérez Martínez, the latter being the director of the Yautepec Police.

Nevertheless, Ortiz Guarneros placeholder image He declared that, despite the circumstances, the position of the accused police officers cannot be completely removed since they do not have enough elements or new income to replace them.

The State Prosecutor’s Office offered up to 278 UMA, approximately 25 thousand pesos for each (100 thousand in total), to whom they provide useful, truthful and timely information for their location and capture. However, so far the whereabouts of the other three implicated and the two victims are still unknown.

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