They attack a US military base located in Syria very close to the border with Iraq

They attack a US military base located in Syria very close to the border with Iraq

A US military base in northeastern Syria, where troops of the international coalition fighting the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group are concentrated, was surprised by the explosion generated by a rocket that was impacted outside the facilities without causing victims or material damage.

In this regard, through a statement, the Central Command of the US Armed Forces (CENTCOM) indicated that a 107-millimeter rocket was used in the attack directed against the Rumalyn Landing Zone, around 10:12 p.m. local time (7:12 p.m. GMT).

US forces They noted that the rocket “did not hit inside the facility” and that neither the US troops stationed there nor other members of the anti-jihadist alliance were injured or killed.

Also, CENTCOM reported that more projectiles were found at the rocket launch site, while US forces are investigating the attack.

For its part, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that the attack took place just 12 kilometers from the border with Iraq and that so far no group has claimed the action.

Nevertheless, It is not ruled out that it is an attack by active cells of the Islamic State in areas controlled by the Kurdish-led alliance Democratic Syrian Forces (DSF), or pro-Iranian militias operating in the area and occasionally attacking bases with the presence of US personnel.

The Observatory, an NGO based in the UK but with a wide network of collaborators on the ground, said the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah is stationing “armed cells” in areas controlled by the FSD and the international coalition.

At the end of August, at least two pro-Iranian militiamen were killed and three US soldiers were slightly wounded in an exchange of projectiles between the parties in Deir al-Zur province, in eastern Syria, after a US bombardment against these militias.

The attack also comes three days after two Islamic State leaders, including a local deputy governor, were killed in a US bombing raid in northern Syria.

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