President of FC Barcelona attacks UEFA: “As UEFA does not stop the State clubs, we want the Super League”

President of FC Barcelona attacks UEFA: “As UEFA does not stop the State clubs, we want the Super League”

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, explained this Sunday in the initial report of the General Assembly of committing members of the Barça entity that the fact that “UEFA does not stop the State clubs” causes them to want “the European Super League”, of which he assured that soon “there will be news”.

In addition, he added that “One of the mistakes of the previous board (that of Josep Maria Bartomeu) was to compete financially with the pace set by these clubs (State)which have no supervision and do not follow economic ‘fair play’”.

According to Laporta, “it is very worrying” that “the clubs” currently assume “all the costs and all the risks”. And he made a negative analysis of the situation in which European football finds itself: “It has a negative dynamic of attendance at stadiums and television monitoring and attraction towards young people, seduced by other forms of entertainment. And there is the distortion of state clubs, with unlimited resources. It clearly destabilizes.”

The problem for the Barça president is that the UEFA is giving more and more power to state clubs”. In this sense, he considered that the Superliga would entail “a more even competition for each club to compete with its resources and without the distortion” of the State clubs.. “The clubs will govern our destiny. It makes me laugh when the State clubs say that those of us in the Super League are the rich ones”, Laporta also pointed out.

“Have no doubt that it would be an open competition, based on meritocracy and respecting the state leagues. If the resolution of the European Union is favorable, we will be able to work without pressure to propose a competition format that everyone likes”, he assured.

In his speech, Laporta reminded the delegates that “between all of them” they have saved the club. “We are the best sports club in the world and a mirror of sentiment and commitment. But the work is not done. We must continue working, and working hard and well, to stabilize the entity. To look forward and build the best Barça in history”, he said.

“We are here to roll up our sleeves, to work hard and to generate enthusiasm, to try to satisfy the desires of those of us who want to live Barcelona with joy and want to have a good time with Barça”, he said.

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