A bomb threat inside the Unicenter shopping center, located in the Martínez province of Buenos Aires, forced the authorities to evacuate visitors to the shopping center. The order was given by a prosecutor, as GLM learned.

Some Twitter users, who were dining at the food court, reported the situation. “I’m going to Unicenter, I’m about to sit down to eat and they tell me that we have to evacuate because there is a bomb threat, it happens to me alone hahahaha,” wrote Eliana. Another user recounted: “I’m sitting eating quietly in Unicenter and boom, bomb threat, all the stores closing, and of course I’m still eating, at least I saw Messi champion.”

“I did not go out to celebrate anywhere, it occurred to me to go to the Unicenter to take advantage of the discounts for the holidays, and I ate an evacuation due to a bomb threat. Argentina, the one who gets bored is because he looks the other way hahaha, ”wrote another Argentine on Twitter.

The notice was reported on 911 at 7:40 p.m. Explosives personnel were present at the scene and carried out the corresponding tests that were negative.

Judge Sandra Arroyo Salgado, from Federal Court 01 of San Isidro, intervenes in the case.

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