Globe Live Media, Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The request that the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office made a couple of days ago to withdraw procedural immunity has different edges. It can be approached in its political, legal and ethical dimension.

In political terms, we are before a man with power who has been protected by constitutional jurisdiction for about 15 consecutive years. In more than a decade he has concentrated as much power and money as accusations. However, at no point did he even have to bother answering to any authority. So, It is a before and after in the capital’s public life, it is an unprecedented request.

In its legal aspect, the prosecution has carried out an investigation based on irrefutable facts because it is an enrichment that is necessarily supported by properties and bank accounts. It is unthinkable that a deputy does not spend a single peso of his income and even then he would not be able to justify the fortune he accumulates in properties.

Ethically, it is unfortunate that the deputy clings to the position and even dares to disqualify the accusation that weighs against him, instead of asking for license and clarifying why is he one of the rich men in Mexico City without having declared any legal business.

Mauricio Toledo is a politician under investigation and not the politically persecuted that he pretends to simulate. The request for lawlessness is an unequivocal symbol that times have changed, It is unprecedented that a legislator is investigated for acts of corruption during his term in office. Citizens know first-hand the grievances because they have been the victims.

Victims of the 2017 earthquakes; the most disadvantaged residents of Coyoacán who had to compromise their vote by means of an “aid” card or an electronic tablet, or the officials and workers who had to give between 40 and 10% of their salary to the deputy and those people to whom that the free exercise of their political rights was prevented. For all these people is that Mauricio Toledo must be outrageous and the Chamber of Deputies must vote in favor of proceeding to leave it at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office and act in accordance with the Law. This is what the Constitution orders.

* Ricardo Ruiz Suárez He is a deputy from Mexico City for the National Regeneration Movement party (Morena). Master in Constitutional and Administrative Law from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), he has been a professor and researcher in the Department of Law of the UAM-Azcapotzalco.

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