Pablo Cuevas, the most Viral inmate of the Australian Open

Pablo Cuevas, the most Viral inmate of the Australian Open

Globe Live Media, Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Looking at Pablo Cuevas’ Instagram these days, one might think that he has lost his mind. The Uruguayan tennis player is being the most viral among those who are confined by the organizers of the Australian Open. From his room in a Melbourne hotel he broadcasts the day to day, and he has already left some hilarious moment.

In about a week he has done everything and has shown it through Instagram: pretend surfing, imitate a stockbroker, sunbathe by the window, go on a spree, fall asleep hugging a case of beers and even arrange the room as if it were an intensive care unit.

Cuevas, 35, is currently ranked 70 in the ranking and is preparing to play, if he does not completely lose the oremus before, his ninth Australian Open. So far his cap is the second round, which he has reached three times.

Melissa Galbraith
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