USA.- The state of Washington turns to Starbucks to advance the vaccination campaign

The state of Washington turns to Starbucks to advance the Vaccination Campaign

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The Democratic Governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, announced this Monday that state authorities have turned to Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee shop chain, to advance the vaccination campaign, through the company’s computer system, with the who hope to streamline and simplify current logistics and achieve some 45,000 daily vaccinations

Inslee has recognized that with the current method it is very difficult to be able to quickly vaccinate all health workers in the state, since being “a fairly specific small group”, the identification process has been “slower”.

The Democratic governor has advanced that this week the vaccination of the next sector considered at risk begins, the elderly, a “group much easier to coordinate.”

Since the emergency use of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine was approved, Washington, with a population of 7.6 million, has vaccinated just 31,581 people, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC).

However, this situation is not unique to Washington, because according to the CDC, only about 12.2 million people have received a dose of the vaccine in the United States, a figure that drops to 1.6 million in the case of those who have been subjected to the two punctures, in a country with almost 331 million inhabitants.

Inslee has also communicated, according to the NBC chain, that talks are being held with the large pharmacy chains to expand the places where the vaccine can be administered, and even Microsoft, which like Starbucks is based in the capital. of the state, Seattle, will enable a space in which 5,000 daily vaccinations are planned.

However, Inslee also trusts that the situation will improve with the entrance of the president-elect, Joe Biden, to the White House, since he is sure, he said, that “the new federal government is not going to deliberately deceive as it did the last Administration “.

Among the measures that the new Democratic Administration is considering in relation to the supply of the vaccine, is the deployment of the National Guard and the Federal Agency for Emergency Management with which it aims to achieve one of Biden’s promises, to supply at least one hundred million doses in the first 100 days of mandate.


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