NBA The partnership between ‘La Barba’ and ‘Durntula’ puts fear in the NBA

Harden and Durant hit their hands after a basket during the game against the Bucks.

Ehe NBA world once again set its sights on the Barclays Center, where this Monday the Brooklyn Nets, with their new star guard James Harden and forward Kevin Durant beat the wing’s Milwaukee Bucks with a 125-123 victory. Greek pvot Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Durant tripled the lead with 36 seconds left, and Harden had 34 points and 12 assists to once again be the perfect manager in the offensive game for the Nets (9-7), who won the fourth consecutive game.


The Nets’ star forward finished with 30 points, nine rebounds and six assists that allowed the Nets to confirm that they have already placed themselves in the group of teams to beat not only in the Eastern Conference but also in the league, as happens with the Bucks.

Hence the game between two of the best teams had a tense and suspenseful ending that was not defined until forward Khris Middleton missed the 3-point attempt from the corner with the last shot to the basket.

Antetokounmpo also shone as a star and leader of the Bucks with a double-double of 34 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists, but it was not enough to avoid the defeat that cut their streak of four consecutive wins.


Middleton asserted his status as the team’s second-highest scorer with 25 points and point guard Jrue Holiday had another 22 points and six assists to lead the Bucks’ attack (9-5).

Harden scored 11 points at halftime after his 32-point debut for the Nets, when he added 14 assists and 12 rebounds, which gave him his first all-time franchise triple-double because no player had ever done it in Game 1 before. that I disputed for them.

But as usual in Harden’s game of contrasts, the star guard regained his best touch of the wrist and contributed to the biggest play of the game, even when he failed.

He lunged to grab the rebound from his own triple that missed when the Nets lost by two and the ball passed to Durant, who did hit the triple gold.

“They are the plays that define what we can and must do on the field to win,” said Durant. “James (Harden) was the fighting spirit that made the difference in our game again in the decisive moments.”

Before the game, Durant learned that he had been voted Eastern Conference Player of the Week after averaging 34 points; 5.3 rebounds and 8.0 assists in the week 3-0 for Brooklyn.


He also scored 61% from the field and 60% from 3s in what was his first award in the Eastern Conference after receiving it 26 times in the Western Conference when he played for the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors.

Durant could have secured the win, but lost the ball in his last possession after Middleton missed a 3-point attempt.

The recovery of the ball made by the Cuban-American power forward Brook Lopez, former Nets player, who finished with 15 points, allowed the Bucks to have the last option to get the victory with 5.5 seconds left.


But it was not the night of the decisive baskets for Middleton that he failed again the second consecutive triple attempt and with 1.1 seconds to go Harden took the rebound again to be again for the second consecutive night the star and the symbol of the Nets victory.

A triumph that the new Nets achieved again without the help of star point guard Kyrie Irving, who missed the seventh consecutive game for “personal reasons”, as the team has reported since its first loss on January 7, without have been more explicit about it.

Nets rookie coach Steve Nash announced that Irving could return with the team on Wednesday when they are on tour in Cleveland to face the Cavaliers.

Both teams will play this week against last season’s NBA finalists. The Bucks host the champions Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, two nights before the Nets open a two-game home series against the Miami Heat.

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