This is how the four armed criminals were arrested after stealing a minor’s mobile phone in Bajo Flores

Last Tuesday, members of the Buenos Aires City Police arrested four minutes of motochorros after a teenager’s mobile phone was stolen in the corner of Torres and Miraflores, Flores region.

There, while officers from the 7A neighborhood police station were identifying two young people on a motorcycle, a 25-year-old girl approached, accompanied by her 16-year-old brother, and reported that a few minutes before these same individuals had stolen the phone from the tip of the miner gun. But that was not the only information: the woman told the troops that Two other criminals had participated in the attack who also mobilized on a motorcycle.

At this time, the Buenos Aires police issued an alert and began a search of the neighborhood until the suspects are spotted as they drove down the same street Camilo Torres. At that moment, noticing the police presence, the suspects started running away and threw a fallen backpack on the roof of a house.

The criminals, despite their intention to disappear from the scene, could not advance much further and after a brief chase, finally they were stopped at the corner of Ana María Janer and Charrúa. In the presence of witnesses, the victim’s phone and three other cell phones were seized. Inside the backpack they also found a Bersa Thunder 9mm pistol with 20 rounds.

According to the sources consulted in this way, two of the criminals were identified as Nicholas Baiguera, a 25-year-old man residing in the neighborhood of Villa Soldati, and T., a minor under the age of 17 residing in the neighborhood of Barracas. The other two defendants are career criminals: according to court records viewed by this outlet, the two have previous convictions for the crimes of simple homicide, attempted homicide, injuries and illegal possession of a weapon of war.

The weapon seized

Sebastian FrancoJavier Benitez, another 25-year-old man – residing in the Buenos Aires city of San Martín – was found guilty of the crime of simple homicide in 2017 by Oral Court No. 1 of the Federal Capital. He was found guilty of shooting with his brother, a young man from the neighborhood of Piedrabuena, in the Villa Lugano district.

The event happened in February 2016 in the midst of a fight between gangs, with a previous exchange of insults. The victim, of two bullets, died in Santojanni hospital. In the middle of the sequence the assailant also struck another young man who was trying to defend the victim. For this, they charged him with minor injuries, a crime for which he was also convicted. The shooter, according to court documents, was his brother Nahuel.

A court document establishes that Benítez “accompanying his brother and carrying out different material actions – forcing the door and hitting Franco Romero with violent elements – sought to cancel the resistance and let the aggressor group enter, to allow the homicidal action carried out by Nahuel Benítez, as a logical sequence, planned by the co-authors”. Chamber 2 of the Cassation Chamber confirmed the conviction against him in June 2019.

The four arrested.
The four arrested.

The fourth member of the group is Mauro Augustin Hamilton, a 23-year-old young man, with registered residence in Flores. In 2019, chamber 3 of the chamber released him on parole. On March 28, 2017, Youth Court No. 1 He had sentenced him to five years in prison for the crimes of attempted homicide and attempted robbery. He was also sentenced on this occasion for the offense of illegally carrying a weapon of war and concealment.

Later, Chamber 2 subsequently acquitted him of the crime of receiving, but upheld the rest of the characterization. The crime he was accused of, precisely, was stealing a woman’s mobile phone and wallet with particular violence, an event that occurred in 2016.

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