Nuclear submarines offer significant advantages over any other model. Many countries are turning to this type of submarine. For example, the Australian Navy signed the AUKUS agreement with the United States and the United Kingdom, and even Brazil launched it a few weeks ago. Now, South Korea also wants stand up in the arms race.

On November 10, South Korean media reported that it was planned to start the construction of a multipurpose nuclear reactor, with a system that was intended for “civil use”. The New York Times also confirmed that purpose.

Nonetheless, the naval assets were making rapid progress with ROKN’s nuclear submarine program and its own nuclear reactors. The reactor, called Ara, is of the 70MW class and is designed to be used for 30 years.

The reactor would have a uranium capacity of practically 20%. This level of uranium is said to be used in nuclear powered submarines in other countries. Toby Dalton, co-director of the Carnegie Peace Institute, told local media that the miniature modular reactors of South Korea have commercial or marine energy purposes.

“Korea has long wanted a submarine, and the construction of a new reactor could open the door,” explains the US media about what, it seems, is already manufactured. This reactor, which will feed icebreakers and container ships, will be completed in 2027.

But it could also do it to a submarine, although the president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, which made a promise to build a nuclear submarine while running for president, has not affirmed anything in this regard.

Agreement with Australia

Last Monday, Australia and South Korea signed a defense agreement for 680 million dollars. The South Korean president became the first foreign dignitary to visit Australian territory since the beginning of the pandemic, and he left with a great act that has allowed him to develop relations with this country.

It is the largest defense contract between the two nations, coming at a time of rising tensions between Australia and China. As part of the roughly A $ 1 billion deal, South Korean defense company Hanwha will supply the Australian military with artillery weapons, supply vehicles and radars.

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